E-commerce is complex. Delivery doesn’t have to be.

The e-commerce logistics landscape is extremely fragmented in West Africa. Despite the presence of major service providers, a growing number of smaller logistics providers are emerging. However, most small-to-medium-sized online retailers have no idea how to navigate all options, let alone offer services from these small but fit-for-purpose providers as a differentiator in their business. Pricing is opaque and confusing. Retailers with high volumes of transactions can and do negotiate with the major service providers; however, it takes time to develop relationships and gain industry knowledge to understand how to approach these negotiations.

It is not only hard to find the right service provider, particularly on pricing models, but it is also time-consuming to navigate cost-saving details. Shipping is a complex aspect for e-commerce merchants, and most retailers are dealing with ever-increasing consumer expectations for faster and lower delivery rates. Sending packages across the country takes time and money. How do retailers choose which delivery service to use? How do merchants schedule pickups — so they don’t have to wait in line?

Lastmal believes that now is the time to solve the e-commerce shipping challenges faced by SMEs in West Africa. Lastmal takes care of all of these issues for the merchant with a simple web interface for merchants’ shops that connects merchants with the best delivery options for their needs. We enable businesses to provide a more user-friendly online checkout experience to their buyers, encouraging them to complete an online purchase. As a result of these businesses removing the barriers at checkout and providing a seamless shipping experience, they can now expect to see a significant increase in conversion rates.

Lastmal’s mission is to help e-commerce merchants avoid these complexities and fragmentation. By providing a modern shipping experience, we help merchants grow their businesses and, regardless of size, to have access to an easy-to-use shipping and delivery platform that allows them to compete at scale.

If you need any help setting up Lastmal shipping on your WooCommerce or WordPress e-commerce store or getting started with your Lastmal account for efficient delivery from your social media shop or physical store, please feel free to send us an email at hello@lastmal.com or WhatsApp: +233554456800



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Lastmal helps businesses to complete shipping and delivery activities simply and efficiently anywhere within West Africa.