Fastest and cheapest way to deliver your e-commerce orders

2 min readJul 21, 2023

One critical component of retail activities is efficient order fulfillment. According to a study, if delivery is not optimized, businesses may see their profits fall by as much as 26% over the course of three years. Many businesses have turned to tech-enabled logistics solutions to help reduce costs by tapping into the technology and infrastructure needed to optimize the delivery phase.

The delivery phase is a crucial part of the online shopping experience. It is a common complaint area among customers if it is not executed efficiently or cost-effectively. Generally, efficient and cost-effective delivery is important for maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction. If your customers are not receiving their products fast enough or receiving update notifications on their packages, it’s easy for them to look for your products elsewhere with better delivery options.

To compete with large retailers and e-commerce stores, businesses in Africa must invest in technology such as what Lastmal is offering small to medium-scale businesses to fulfill and ship orders efficiently while also keeping overall logistics costs low. Lastmal understands the importance of an efficient delivery experience and knows it’s no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for any business in Africa. In so doing, we are dedicated to helping e-commerce businesses optimize their delivery activities by streamlining key areas from purchase until it reaches the customer’s door.

Whereas your traditional delivery service provider prioritises just the transportation side of things and waits for you to send them packages to be delivered, Lastmal understands that you want your order delivery to be on autopilot, so we worked to automate all your orders from all your sales channels to connect them to the right type of delivery options so you don’t have to do the complex task manually.

Order delivery options settings — Lastmal

As your e-commerce business grows and order volume picks up, you sit back and watch as our system allocates specific orders to the right delivery option, either your “own driver”, your “preferred courier service”, or allowing Lastmal to handle every order to your customers at a reduced cost and more efficiently.

Working with Lastmal lets you leverage the inherent strengths of technology, innovation, and additional support from our platform.

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