Labels for delivery packages: How e-commerce merchants quickly generate labels using Lastmal

2 min readJul 18, 2022

An identification label that helps identify the recipient of your order and indicates what is contained in a delivery package is a shipping label. Without a clear shipping label, your customers’ orders can get lost or mishandled, resulting in a bad customer experience, damaging brand loyalty, and eventually increased cost due to returns.

Handwritten label order package

As long as you are delivering one or two items per day, handwriting a shipping label is acceptable. However, if you are completing more orders, handwritten shipping addresses might become time-consuming. You are better off using Lastmal to make the entire fulfillment process easy and more time efficient — See in the demo below how one of our merchants obtains her labels.

Demo of merchant using Lastmal to generate a shipping label

We at Lastmal are committed to making delivering to customers as easy and seamless as possible for all our merchant customers to help save time, streamline fulfillment processes, and provide a unique experience for your own customers.

Incorporating this simple yet helpful element into your workflow can help improve customer satisfaction, drive efficiencies, and save time for your business.

Sign up for a free Lastmal account today, and let us handle the complexities of shipping for you. If you need help setting up Lastmal shipping on your e-commerce store, contact us via email at, or WhatsApp: +233554456800, or call: +233546688140.




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