The best way to deliver your e-commerce orders in West Africa

3 min readJun 29, 2023

Logistics has always been a hot topic in Africa’s order fulfillment landscape. In 2023, e-commerce sales continue to accelerate, and today’s customer expectations demand fast and accurate delivery, no matter where they shop online.

This year over 20% of purchases are expected to take place online, which means there will be increased pressure, as well as new challenges, for retailers and social commerce vendors to deliver a positive delivery experience for online shoppers.

Faster and cheaper delivery in Africa is estimated to grow between 2023–2025. Therefore, expectations are only getting higher. 93% of customers expect visibility into the order process, from ordering to in-transit status to arrival date, while 47% of consumers will not order again from a business with no order arrival date visibility.

Recipient Order Tracking — Lastmal
Recipient Order Tracking — Lastmal

Order tracking pinpoints the location of a package from the time it leaves the online store or fulfillment center until it reaches the customer’s door. The ability to track orders is crucial for ensuring packages reach customers on time and to maintain customer satisfaction.

As technology advances and even more customers’ preferences shift in this direction, the delivery phase is one of the most challenging and important parts of the online shopping experience that courier companies have to deal with.

The goal of a courier company is to deliver the item as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Therefore, most courier companies prioritize the state of their fleet of vehicles and personnel that deliver the product to the customer and, as a result, mostly leave merchants and recipients in the dark as to where their packages are in transit. A study found that 97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the delivery process.

By using Lastmal, businesses have access to streamline order transaction support services, including payment, the ability to seamlessly connect orders to a preferred courier or a third-party delivery provider, cover their products in transit with insurance, and a real-time order tracking for the recipient and the retailer, to put their order delivery on autopilot.

Merchant’s Order Delivery Report — Lastmal
Merchant’s Order Delivery Report — Lastmal

This way, Lastmal alleviates the pressures associated with retail businesses dealing directly with multiple courier services. By using Lastmal’s fulfillment platform, businesses leverage our solution to ensure their customers have positive delivery experiences with hardly any extra effort on their part.

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